Amid the dynamic landscape of our changing climate, absolute safety cannot be guaranteed. Nevertheless, the nonprofit ClimateSafe Villages initiative promises a beacon of hope. Its purpose is to equip individuals and families with significant resilience, fostering a sustainable living environment that can be scaled up to communities throughout the world. As we navigate the trials of the climate change crisis, this initiative is our collective pledge towards a cohesive and more sustainable future. By prioritizing self-sufficiency, adopting green technologies, and fostering a supportive community culture, we help develop the resources and skills necessary to prepare for and adapt to change and move ahead in the spirit of progress.

Whether or not you've thought about joining a ClimateSafe Villages community, we provide valuable open-access information. Learn how to prepare, adapt, and build climate resilience for your home, business, and community, right where you are.


The Challenges of the Climate Change Crisis

The climate change crisis is rapidly escalating, with devastating consequences for our planet and its inhabitants. Extreme weather events, loss of biodiversity, degrading ocean conditions, and rising sea levels are just a few examples of the challenges we face. In response to this urgent situation, ClimateSafe Villages seeks to build resilient, sustainable communities that can adapt to these changing conditions. By adopting innovative models and fostering collaboration, we aim to create a more hopeful future in the face of unprecedented environmental challenges and mitigate the assault on our environment. 



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In an era where climate change reshapes our world, ClimateSafe Villages stands as a guiding network for resilience and sustainability. We are more than an initiative; we are a growing collective pledge, a meta-organization encompassing a network of villages and individuals dedicated to cultivating sustainable living and community support on a global scale.

Our Mission: Support, Education, Empowerment

Our mission is to empower low-income individuals and families to build or join resilient communities. We achieve this through:

  • Virtual Networking: Creating a robust online network of villages and members sharing knowledge and support.
  • Advisory Committee: Our advisors committee crafts educational materials, offers counsel, and provides templates to guide both individuals and network villages.
  • Education: Through videos, online content, downloadable PDF guides, virtual events, panels, and in-person visits, we offer comprehensive educational resources.
  • Community Support: We assist those with financial challenges in becoming part of sustainable communities, focusing on education and support.

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In the midst of the climate change crisis, ClimateSafe Villages are part of a vanguard, championing sustainable living and resilience in the face of environmental challenges. We empower individuals and communities, who are looking to engage with prepping for climate change,  to adopt green technologies and principles of self-sufficiency, helping us adapt to extreme weather adaptation, rising sea levels, and the consequential loss in biodiversity. Our focus is on building sustainable communities that go beyond the conventional models of co-housing, ecovillages, and agrihoods. These forward-thinking, progressive preppers-communities are the next step to bring about sustainable future. By fostering an eco-spiritual community culture, we're working to mitigate the climate change impact, aligning with the values of sustainability, resilience, and deep adaptation. Join us as we cultivate our ClimateSafe Villages, embodying the spirit of eco-prepper resilience, and farmers cooperatives. Together, we're creating a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future.

When we say we are creating survive and thrive new ClimateSafe Villages worldwide, people have many different ideas of what that means. They often think of similar communities like intentional, co-housing, sustainability, r
esilience, prepper, degrowth, ecovillages, conservation, simplicity, deep adaptation, evolutionary, agrihoods, eco-prepper, farmers cooperatives, eco-spiritual, even survivalist communities. 

While our ClimateSafe Village models may include and combine valuable elements from many of these kinds of communities, they are also something new and quite unique. Our four ClimateSafe Village models also strive to transcend what we perceive to be the limitations, missing parts, or flaws in these various types of communities.

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