Introducing CSV Bellingham

In a world that grapples with the realities and repercussions of climate change, we see an urgent need to adapt and create communities designed to not just survive, but thrive. That's why we're building Universe One, a prototype for a new kind of rural community—a beacon of resilience and sustainability in the face of Earth's greatest challenges.

CSV Bellingham is not just a village, but a living laboratory for sustainable development. Situated in harmony with the natural environment, it's a place where eco-conscious living isn't a luxury—it's a necessity, a way of life. This meticulously planned community is built to weather the most extreme conditions, powered by renewable energy, and supported by a robust network of shared services and communal resources.

But CSV Bellingham isn't just about creating a solitary haven—it's about building a model to inspire and educate others. We envision Universe One as the heart of a global network of similar communities, each one a beacon of resilience and sustainability in its own right. We're not just building homes—we're building hope.

By joining our mission, you're not just becoming a resident—you're becoming a pioneer in a global movement. You'll be part of a living educational resource, teaching others the practicalities and possibilities of sustainable living. Through workshops, events, and hands-on demonstrations, we're making the lessons of Universe One available to all.

Yet, while CSV Bellingham serves as our model, we understand that every community is unique. That's why we're committed to sharing our model freely, enabling communities worldwide to adapt our strategies and structures to their specific needs and circumstances.

From the arid landscapes of sub-Saharan Africa to the bustling metropolises of Europe, Asia, and the Americas, we believe that the principles of sustainable, resilient living can be adapted and applied anywhere.

Universe One isn't just a response to climate change—it's a proactive, forward-thinking approach to the future of communal living. We're not just adapting to a changing world—we're working to change the world for the better.

The First Prototype and Vision for Expansion

CSV Bellingham signifies the first village of an ambitious and transformative vision, serving as our first prototype community. By pioneering innovative solutions and models for sustainable living, we aim to make CSV Bellingham an archetype for future eco-communities. Our vision doesn't stop at Bellingham, Washington; we envisage a sprawling network of ClimateSafe Villages globally, each one an embodiment of our shared principles and values. As CSV Bellingham matures and thrives, we will leverage its learnings and successes to guide the establishment of these subsequent villages. This way, we not only create sustainable communities but also ensure a constant exchange of knowledge, ideas, and strategies across this flourishing network. Universe One is not just a single community; it's the blueprint for a sustainable, equitable, and resilient future.

Unveiling the Model

The CSV Bellingham Model epitomizes our commitment to sustainable, resilient, and environmentally-friendly living. Drawing from the principles of the Degrowth Movement and concepts of Sustainable Prosperity, it fosters a delicate balance between human habitation and natural preservation. Let's delve into the diverse facets of our eco-village model that coalesce to create a resilient and vibrant community, capable of withstanding the trials of a changing climate, while maintaining a holistic and harmonious lifestyle.

  • Strategic location selection for eco-villages to avoid high-risk climate change areas.
  • Establishment of sustainable, non-GMO organic gardens, farms, permaculture, and aquaculture for full-cycle food security.
  • Implementation of secure and filtered water systems including wells, water storage, and conservation mechanisms.
  • Integration of green, non-carbon polluting energy sources like wind and solar power.
  • Construction of net-zero homes and community buildings resilient to severe weather conditions and designed for energy efficiency.
  • Incorporation of high-level air filtration systems to mitigate the effects of wildfire smoke and air pollution.
  • Adoption of environmentally-friendly sewage treatment systems.
  • Prioritization of appropriate technology over unlimited usage to maintain environmental harmony.
  • Provision of high-speed Internet connections for remote working and online education.
  • Encouragement of full-cycle product and material recycling.
  • Development of community service buildings for shared use, including dining areas, laundry, fitness, and meditation zones.
  • Creation of additional dormitory-style housing for singles.
  • Incorporation of physical beauty in design through beautiful architecture and outdoor art.
  • Maintenance of sound community property legal and tax structures, possibly through conservation land trusts.
  • Extensive emergency preparedness measures and system redundancies.
  • Encouragement of 'spin-off' communities when the population reaches natural size limits (between 150-500 individuals).
  • Maintenance of sufficient reserves to provide charity and support to those in need.
  • Preservation of separate legal structures, funding, and financial procedures for each eco-village.
  • Implementation of defensible and survivable strategies for long-term viability.
  • Use of grounds for educational tours and special events, with potential for entrance gates and login/logout systems for better management.

Community Culture

At the heart of ClimateSafe Villages lies an ethos of unity and resilience. We envision our communities as vibrant tapestries woven with threads of diversity - social, racial, gender, generational, ethnic, and spiritual - representing a model for a fully integrated future society. Our villages pulsate with support, compassion, and joy, offering safety and security, even in the face of formidable climate challenges. Rationality and evidence-based science underpin our individual and community actions, harmonizing sustainability, equity, and balance.

Fostering cooperation and collaboration, ClimateSafe Villages aims to incubate lives rich in productivity and meaningful relationships. Our communities thrive on the principles of balance, promoting an equilibrium between work, education, and recreation. Good nutrition, physical fitness, wellness, and preventive healthcare practices are cherished, and an environment that nurtures these principles is cultivated. In our quest to create sustainable prosperity, we champion practices that avert population and resource overshoot. Moreover, we provide extensive psychological and emotional support services, acknowledging the escalating traumas of climate change and other catastrophes. Our villages encourage lifelong learning, personal growth, and the pursuit of wellness, and offer robust healthcare and emotional support systems.

The management of our eco-communities reflects the demographics of the broader community, ensuring proportional representation. Fair economic practices and merit-based rewards form the bedrock of our community advancement, promoting reciprocity within inter-community transactions. Resilience-building practices, both physical and psychological, are in place to equip our members with the strength needed to withstand a deteriorating environment.