Our Mission

The nonprofit Mission of Climate Safe Villages (CSV) is to form climate change resilient, disaster resilient and sustainable communities worldwide, founded in our commitment to respond and adapt to the urgent challenges of the climate change crisis and its wellbeing and economic impact. CSV is about empowering individuals, families, and entire communities by equipping them with the necessary resources, essential skills, and innovative technologies that promote climate change resiliency, disaster resiliency, self-sufficiency and sustainable practices for humans, animals and plants. CSV aims to work with similar communities for localization and cooperation, with an emphasis on food, seed, and resource sharing networks.

CSV will unite these communities within a global network. Through mutual support, shared education, best practice models, and continual learning, CSV advances a sustainable and resilient future. We will foster an interconnected web of sustainable communities for a positive transition, further climate and disaster resilience, and contribute to a more viable and sustainable world for following generations.

Nowhere on Earth will be 100% safe from all climate change consequences. But we can create climate-safer locations and communities using the practices of climate change preparation, adaptation, and resilience building. ClimateSafe Villages will help you make wherever you live as climate-safe as possible using these practices.


  1. Sustainability: By joining the ClimateSafe Villages project, you contribute to the establishment and growth of sustainable communities. These eco-villages are designed to operate in harmony with nature, minimizing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable living practices.

  2. Community Resilience: Become part of a network of resilient communities that are prepared for climate-related challenges. These villages are designed to be self-sustaining and resilient, capable of withstanding environmental changes and disasters.

  3. Environmental Stewardship: Being a part of this project offers the satisfaction of knowing that you're taking active steps to protect and preserve our environment for future generations.

  4. Education and Knowledge Sharing: You will have access to resources, training, and knowledge sharing to learn about sustainable living, climate change, and how to adapt and thrive in changing conditions.

  5. Networking: Participate in a supportive network of like-minded individuals and communities who are passionate about climate change mitigation, adaptation, and sustainability.

  6. Personal Empowerment: This project encourages active participation and offers the opportunity for you to make a tangible impact on climate change. It empowers individuals to be part of the solution.

  7. Innovative Living: This project represents the forefront of innovative living solutions in response to climate change. By joining, you become part of a pioneering effort in creating new ways of community living that are in harmony with the planet.

  8. Cooperative Enterprises: An eco-safe community network is a basis for developing cooperative industries, working in unison with small business enterprises, and creating more local jobs and greater equity.
  9. Food Network: Food supply is an essential factor in creating sustainable hubs. A combination of personal gardens and working in unison with farmers, would require a registration process that fits with the principles of eco-communities.

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