As we collectively face the realities of our climate crisis, the urgency of finding practical, scalable, and effective solutions has never been more evident. By supporting ClimateSafe Villages, you are playing a pivotal role in driving a global transformation towards sustainable and resilient living. Your contributions help us develop and implement innovative village models that not only help mitigate climate change impacts but also empower communities to thrive despite them. With your support, we can build a network of climate-conscious villages, fostering a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable world for future generations. Your generosity today brings us one step closer to our collective vision for a climate-safe tomorrow.
Please note that these donation rewards are contingent on ClimateSafe Villages completing Phase 1.

Climatesafe Villages is a DBA of a 30-year-old US, IRS-recognized, tax-exempt, nonprofit organization called Factnet. Factnet has received the highest possible nonprofit trust rating of Platinum Transparency from Guidestar/Candid. (GuideStar is an independent organization that examines and rates other nonprofit organizations' financial and administrative effectiveness and ethics in executing their missions.) 


 - Eco-Community Webinar Access
: Gain exclusive access to premium webinars on topics related to the eco-community's development and climate resilience strategies.



All lower tier benefits AND
Early Access to Educational Content: Receive early access to new educational materials, including online courses or workshops, focused on building resilient communities and adapting to the climate crisis.



All lower tier benefits AND
Site Visit Opportunities: Receive special invitations to visit the Phase 1 plot of land and observe the construction of prototype resiliency infrastructure.
Personalized Tree Planting: A tree or native plant species will be planted on the Phase 1 plot in your honor, accompanied by a personalized plaque recognizing your contribution.



All lower tier benefits AND
Virtual Town Hall Invitations: Participate in exclusive virtual town hall meetings to engage in discussions about the eco-community's progress and future plans with project leaders and experts.
Sustainability Workshop Invitations: Attend hands-on sustainability workshops to learn practical skills for climate resilience and eco-community living.



All lower tier benefits AND
Naming Opportunities: A specific infrastructure component or feature of the Phase 1 project will be named after you, such as a community garden plot or solar panel array.
Eco-Community Ambassador Title: Receive recognition as an official "Eco-Community Ambassador" for your role in bringing in donors and spreading awareness about the initiative.
Priority Access to Phase 2 Membership: Get priority access to join the eco-community in its next phase, ensuring you have the first opportunity to become part of the growing community and benefit from its climate-resilient infrastructure and practices.